Healthcare and 3d printing. How we can help.

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    Share your stories and ideas.

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    It’s about creating individual prosthetics for people with special need. You know hands, legs, ears, etc.

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    here at my coutry are like 3 little companys working at this topic.. they made prosthetics for people who really need it..

    Actually my boyfriend work on a similar project with his friends they develop a prosthetic arm for a girl, the main problem the have was the medical part, test and so on cus nobody in hosptial want to try that technology..

    Do you know a similar situation?

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    Here is an example. They use 3d printing to make ear implants for children. They scan child’s normal ear to make an exact copy and use it as implant for defect one.

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    Its powering on, more and more uses are found virtually on a daily basis. Its incredible the way people are developing new uses for 3D printers.

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    And materials?

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