Has your printer cause a fire?

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    I just read an article in here about safety tips to keep a fire from starting on 3D printers..it made me wonder how often this may happen? And do you recommend only using a 3D printer in the garage? I was planning on setting mine up on my unused ketchen table. It just sits empty and never used. It has a hard wood top with no table cloth so I was thinking it would be safe there but now I’m not sure. If a person takes really great care of their printer while it’s being used is the likelihood of it catching fire almost zero?

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    Hello, I’m sorry if this might be a dumb question. Since there is an article about it I thought I would ask for your personal experiences. I was planning on putting my printer on the ketchen table. But I guess to be on the safe side I will use it in my garage until I get more insight from users. Thanks.

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    Good question.

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    Thanks, but I’m not sure if it’s just me or if everybody has left the forum?. I’m hoping I’m not a pariah in here because I’m new and wanting to win the 3D printer. It seems nobody responds to my posts so I’m kind of afraid I’m messing up the group. I hope not. I’m truly addicted to everything that involves 3D printing and not a random person just wanting a printer because it’s a fad. I’m paralyzed from my belly down and have been searching for a hobby I can do for over 5 years. I’ve read and read and even read some more about 3D printing and am ready for the “real thing” now! I’m physically able to do this and I have a deap interest in it! I would love to be part of a group with the same desire for it. I would love new friends to share my interest with. I understand what it’s like to have new comers busting in a group and making it less fun but I have the best intentions eventhough I would love to win the printer. Sorry for the long emotional post..It’s early morning and my brain isn’t fully 100% yet..haha. Thanks for reading and understanding my concern. Sometimes I worry about things to much and this may be one of those times.

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