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    Hello everyone,

    So yeah stopping by to formally say hello, I have been reading for a while now and pseudo recently registered for an account now slowly making my way to an introduction.

    Primarily I am a tinkerer there really isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have a screwdriver in my hands at some point, partially cause I need them for work but also work with them on my off hours. Been making and building various goodies and toys for some time from basic materials and want to take the step into a 3D printed world. Currently I do not own a printer but have been doing my research here as really has been the best repository of information on the various machines. So soon hopefully I will take the plunge and get a printer and start the next level of making.

    So yeah great reading your posts and topics and look forward to reading more.


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    Nice to meet you Chris. As you can see the forum has been kind of slow these past few months but maybe that will change with this new giveaway! Have you entered for it yet? I’ll post a link at the bottom of this so you can check it out. I don’t have a printer either, but I won one a few days ago in here (last months giveaway). Get in! Who knows, you could win! Yes, this website is great for learning all things 3D-printing. I’ll be here each day making sure I don’t break mine!! haha.
    Here’s the giveaway link-

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    Nothing wrong with some slow time on forums means everyone is off working on things vs typing and coming up with new plans right. Y es I certainly did and have been entering into the giveaways that they have been having. Been trying to make it by the site each day and enter my daily entry just haven’t gotten lucky yet but I can keep trying.

    Thanks for saying hi and being welcoming.

    Chris Kockler

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      No problem, glad to have you in here! And good luck man!

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