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    I’ve a spot of time with my disability they found. I should be on a transplant list soon, then it’s a waiting game. When the disabity checks start I’ve thought about this as a hobby. Done my fair share of reading as such and with me already a fairly seasoned tinker, maker shouldn’t be a far jump. I’ve got end stage liver disease stage 4 cirrhosis. Dirty tattoo in Okinawa during the first gulf war circa 93 gave me Hep c and just ravished me the last five years. I’ve beaten the hep now just hoping cancer don’t settle in before the exchange. I’m married with to chitlins, 22 and 16. Homeowner and outdoorsman. Well was. Can’t really do much besides sudoku, game, and internets. Wanted to say “How do?” Hope all is well and look forwards to learning a thing or two and anything else worth while. Sorry if this is garbled, medicated and tired.

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