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    Good morning from Charlotte, NC!

    I’m horrible at introducing myself and I don’t know what to say most of the time.  I’ll just start by saying that I do not currently own a 3D Printer.   That should change soon enough, or at the latest by March.  I’ve been saving up and watching every review I can about any printer I can.  I’ve narrowed the field to a few choices and I’m open to suggestions as well.

    The three printers that I have in mind are:

    1. Folger Tech FT-5  – Smoothie Board Upgrade for 32-bit goodness
      1. Pros:
        1. Massive Sturdy Frame made with 20×20 v-slot extrusion (huge plus for me)
        2. Single Axes Bed to reduce layer shifting.  (Another big plus)
      2. Cons:
        1. The FT-5 has a great build height but I wish the the X,Y limits were at least 400mm
    2.  Formbot T-REX 2
      1. Pros:
        1. All metal construction
        2. Absolutely huge build space
        3. Dual Extrusion as a standard offering
      2. CONS:
        1. Pricey at just under $2,000
        2. Small user base for the moment
        3. Sacrifice bed space for dual extrusion because of a wide nozzle offset.  (almost 1/3
    3.  Wait another year and save for a Raise3D N2+ or similar..   (I’m probably not that patient)
      1. Pros:
        1. Amazing design
        2. Available enclosure for printing ABS and other exotics
        3. 13 points of adjustment for bed leveling (I like precision)
        4. Dual Extrusion
        5. Connectivity points for a web cam or IP camera for remote monitoring and video capture.
      2. Cons:
        1. Cost
        2. Cost
        3. Cost (4k) .. sheesh



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    Thanks, also this one would be a big hep for me. I have so many stuff in mind that I wanted to do using 3D printing, although right now I am using just traditional print media. Hopefully, I can print one of the tangible actual designs.


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