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    Hey all, I know a spring can turn a hand crank dynamo. Meaning people don’t have to keep turning a hand crank dynamo to charge a cellphone. I need to gear down a hand crank dynamo to the least torque as possible
    Here is a geared down planetary
    That works at 118:1

    The 3d printers in Canada cannot print that small
    This project takes expertise

    It takes gearing down a hand crank dynamo and knowing what each weight is everytime it is geared down

    Before today a 100:1 gear reduction took 20lbs per inch to move. Now a 118:1 gear reduction can be moved with a person’s hand

    I hope someone will help

    I need a high ratio gear ,with a hand crank dynamo phone charger on the top, to find out how much a hand crank dynamo can be geared down and how much weight it takes to move it

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