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    i have often posted encouragement or feedback on legitimate posts to enter the giveaways you do, but there isn’t always something valuable to say. theres no point cluttering the place up with unnecessary posts.

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    Daniel F

    The reason we added the use our forum is to raise awareness but its not mandatory. Maybe its better if we leave the option and make it a 0 entry option where people do as they like?

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    They are only pointless if you write them that way. If you don’t have anything of value or useful to say, then don’t write the post.

    It really is not that difficult to look through the forum and find someone else’s post and just give them a compliment on what they posted.

    Or just don’t use those entries. There is nothing ‘forced’ about it.

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    Scold the admin … and it will all come true.

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    Richard Bynum

    I’ve been posting at first for the points but after reading a lot of posts I wanted to join in and get to know more. I hope you guys didn’t mind any of my posts. They are truly thought out and ment well. I love the topics covered on this forum. I’ve spent more time reading then posting and will keep pointless posts off of here.

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    You are afraid of cybersquater?

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    Richard Bynum

    I dont think the giveaway is still going on is it? I’ve tried asking in another topic in this forum but there is hardly any activity in here. The widget is active so I’ll keep entering. Really surprised there’s not a massive amount of people in here from the giveaway. Can someone who knows please tell me if the 3D printer giveaway is still happening? Or who I can DM about it? Thanks

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    Yes, The widget is active so I’ll too keep entering.

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    I think the giveaway will bring more interest into printing unless someone wants to win one just for the sake of it. 🙁

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    They often talk with laughter, the main thing is not to win, the main thing is participation.

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    Granted I would absolutely love to win but I’m staying around if I dont. My documents are full of clips and screensshots and saves from here. And i’m up to my head with 3D printing literature now. I don’t want to stop and besides, I’m in it to far to stop. Setting at my house without something to do started my search for a hobby a year ago and when I looked into 3D printing (more than 5 months ago) I’ve been hooked since! I even had a special savings account for one but I needed a new wheelchair after my frame busted trying to go down cement steps April 20th! Bought a new $2,800 titanium sport frame so that won’t happen again! That cleared my budget out for the next year!…haha. so yea, I’m trying to win! 😉 I love it!

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    That’s why generally (with the exception of once at the start, and obviously now) I don’t claim that entry… I don’t wanna wreck the place.

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