Food Grade Filament


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    What is the best Filament to use for food grade & why you choose it
    Thank you
    fyi this is for a future project I’m working on

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    This is a really late response to your question, but hopefully it helps anyone else wondering the same thing. I believe that PETG is commonly used for food safe applications. I have even seen many PLA filaments labeled as food safe. What you need to remember about 3D printing is that the process itself leaves a porous surface that lends itself to bacteria growth. Also, some brass nozzles can be made with lead, and there is a chance that that lead could end up in your finished print.

    Final thoughts: Be sure the filament is labeled food safe from the manufacturer. Use a stainless steel or verified lead free nozzle. Ensure the print is thoroughly washed after each use to prohibit bacteria growth.

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