Folding portable 3D printer

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    A while back a dutch designer sent me the files for his prototype 3D printer that folds up. What would be the communities interest in this design? I’ve been kicking it around, but I would need help with the software and electronics.

    Contact me if your interested.

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    Maybe you should chat with Tony Davies or Italo? 

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    ok, would it be a blog for me or them?

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    I have the files and some instructions from the designer, waiting for some hardware now. I hope to start by the end of the month.

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    Oh wow Thats awesome i cant wait to see your build! It will be an amazing 3d printer im sure!

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    there is a video from infamous modder Ben Heck on youtube making a foldable, portable 3d printer. check it out. i’m sure it has lots of useful ideas and inspiration.

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    I saw that, but the foldie design is different…. and much better designed.

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    oh, ok! cool! well then, please keep us updated. it sounds good.

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    Foldable printers are very intriguing! The first decent one I can think of is the original Printrbot jr and the Bukito.  They were / are two decent printers, but one thing they really lack is build size.  Another thing that has plagued other portable printers has been misalignment issues. Does this one have any safety guards in place to help combat misalignment issues?  I am definitely interested to see what this one may look like.

    Do you or he plan on sharing the build process?  It sounds pretty cool so far!


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    Good theme.

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    Going on well over a year since the original post, I’m guessing some problems came up.

    I love the idea of a portable printer. Folding is just one way to make that happen, but introduces a whole new set of problems. Any other method to make our carefully aligned and stability hungry printers portable introduces some other design challenge unfortunately. Most attempts to avoid the common pitfalls end up sacrificing any real, usable build volume, as already mentioned.

    Sadly, what we’ve seen so far are not really workable because they are plagued by so many setup issues that they aren’t really portable in any sense of ease of use, or they’ve been relegated to being so tiny that they aren’t so much a portable printer as they are a toy or kids printer.

    Someday, someone is going to get this right, and probably make a bunch of money. At least for a little while. Then 15 companies in China will copy it for less than half the price and everyone will buy one from eBay/AliExpress and go on to Facebook and gripe about how it doesn’t work 🙂 LOL

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    The project is effectively DOA right now, I have 2 day jobs keeping me company.

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    You need a good frame Rama for accuracy. Rama takes the place …
    But I have an idea to use a material that solidifies simultaneously under two or more rays of some radiation, in the crosshairs giving a point. If the print space is filled with gas or liquid from such material, and so that it is transparent, then one can not hold on to the rigidity of the frame and proceed to the accuracy of the positioning of the beams.

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    And plastic drying under ultraviolet? !! On the base, we spray the film, draw the image with the ray, and after cleaning the surface, for example, with compressed air. And so we repeat …

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    Why compressed air? Suction!

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    Another option is the melting of the material at the same time by several laser beams. One beam he will not melt, but several …

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    Site – . They can work, but I can not. A typical situation for the author of the idea.

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    Another variant: When making a PCB by the “Lut” method, there it is necessary to make a laser printer two or more print passes. So, if the laser or LED printer is made so that you can make print passes as many as you like … In general, the drawing has a Z-dimension.

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    Folding 3D Printers are the portable options which could be easily transported from one place to the other. And there are numerous offline and online stores where you could obtain them for easy 3D printing while travelling too.

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    They still do not have to warm up or have to cool down quickly so that they can be carried.

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