Favorite materials up to 300C

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    hi everyone!

    what are your favorite filaments? the trinus printer i will be getting has been upgraded to handle up to 300 degrees C! do you know of any special filaments that take advantage of such high temps? what are their advantages?

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    High temps? In journal Popular Mechanic was video, what substitute filaments aluminum i.e. casting of the metal. Easy fusible filament needs for this. Good video.

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    Some of the new metal infused filaments coming out (Not the ColorFabb type) don’t need high-temps at time of printing, they print in normal printer temp range and then sintered in an oven at 1200 afterward.

    Certain brands of ABS perform better upwards of 240C and there are certain PETG filaments that work well around 240-250ish, although that is not as common anymore. I would use PETG over ABS any day.

    Pushing up to 300C you can get into Polycarbonate (if you can find it), but I have never used it so I have no idea what it is like to print with.

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    It’s interesting, why do not fiberglass or sand add to the plastik?

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    If you need 300C of the FDM printing, I think just PEEK filament could up to this temperature. Most of printer cannot print with this material.

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