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    We just introduced ourselves in the forum, now we want to introduce our printers.
    We have two red Prusa i3 Hephestos so far.

    One of our prusas
    The other one

    We have been printing with those two for the past 3 years and we are very happy with them. There are not the best printers in the market but they are good enough for us so far.
    They have a 215x210x180 print area, 0.4 mm nozzle (use 1.75mm filament), bq-hephestos-marlin firmware version and many parts that we printed and updated to improve the original design.
    They are our partners in this travel we are following to a brand new era of educational robotics and we are very proud of them.
    Hope you like them. We will introduce new mates as soon as we buy them.

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    That looks really sweet!! I love the red on it! Just out of curiosity, is that a bell setting beside the printer? You should make some kind of device that makes it “ding!” after each print is done! haha 😉

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