Do you keep your 3D printer in the house or work-shed/garage?

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    I was just wondering about this after reading the article about “ultra fine particles” and gases from the burning filaments. Also asking because of the risk of fire. I read the other day about someone’s 3D printer catching on fire in the house! So I think I’m going to keep mine in the garage.

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    Nobody has yet sold special heat-resistant protective panels or modules, from which it is possible to assemble the fencing of the working area of the 3D-prineter or a special large box of any dimensions. Ventilation equipment is a bonus. It would be a not bad business.

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    Do you have yours in the garage or in your house? I have mine in my room so I can keep an eye on it while I learn everything I need to know..I have a fear that I’ll do something wrong and it will start a fire if I set it up too far away from me (in the garage). After I’m sure of myself I’ll move it if I need to

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