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    Let’s begin with a smile, this is your space, feel freely to share and participate. Trust in us, we want you to feel the most amazing experience with 3D printing.

    So let me say this:

    Hi, Welcome to 3D printer chat



    Do you want a model but you can doit? Why don’t ask the Community for help!


    This allow the Community to helping you get your first steps, here in 3Dprinterchat.

    Let me tell you again, Welcome, enjoy all that 3Dprinterchat has to offer.

    See you soon.

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    If you would like to post a challenge, consider what you want us to model.

    Will you need a non-disclosure agreement? Is there a specific program you want us to use?

    Please remember that designers have a valuable technical skill, so make sure to negotiate a fair price, or make it an open challenge for a prize!

    Also consider if you want the designer to 3D print the item, or just send you the files.


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    Miserable that is unplugged forum on site the russian journal “Modelist-constructor”… the good section.

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    Any challenge coming soon guys? I am really interested.

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