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    I have a K280 printer and I printed out two prints when I ran into a decoupling error. I checked to see if there were any volts going through the place where the wire connected to the board (there were about 24v) and checked if the temp sensor was working; it did.

    I got a hair dryer and blew hot air on the temp sensor as I told the heater to heat to 200C. So I basically tricked it to believe the heater was heating up, so it continued to heat itself instead of giving me an error (“dec” on the LED screen).. This should indicate that there isn’t anything physically wrong?

    I am dumbfounded as to why. I did buy a spare one but I don’t know why it’s giving me this error

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    Is the thermistor making good contact with the heater block? I ask because since it was able to get a reading from your hair dryer it must still work. If it wasn’t making good contact with the block you could be getting a bad temp read, meaning the printer thought something was wrong because it ws taking too long to get up to the set temp.

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