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    Let’s begin with a smile, this is your space, feel freely to share and participate. Trust in us, we want you to feel the most amazing experience with 3D printing.

    So let me say this:

    Hi, Welcome to 3D printer chat


    What kind of APIS do you use, what are your favorite’s lenguages, tell us here!


    This allow the Community to helping you get your first steps, here in 3Dprinterchat.

    Let me tell you again, Welcome, enjoy all that 3Dprinterchat has to offer.

    See you soon.

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    Can anyone code and create my business site for pest control service in Karachi, I really need the best developer for my site can you please guide me?

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    I think you may have the wrong coding forum. If you are looking for website design, I would look on or

    The coding here would be more for the languages and platforms related to 3D printing. I hope that helped.

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