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    Has anyone tried using this free online designing tool that gives you a shape of a flexing part? It gives you a stick figure to put into your CAD modeling software to finish working with and then 3d print it. I don’t get it. I found it at

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    I have not but I have played around with TInkercad and some Sketchup. Any useful programs recommended for those that are not very artistically abled?

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    Working with the searcher on the topic of utilities for working with sheets and PCB sometimes found literally super, working even under DOS. The main thing is to understand what you need.

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    It’s beeen almost a year since I published a list related to CAD programs here. It goes from most easy to most difficult one so you guys might want to take a look at it and check if one of these works for you (:

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      I am a big fan of TinkerCAD. It is very easy to use, they have a tutorial for you if you’ve never used the program before, and you can import STLs that you download and make tweaks to them.

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