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    I have recently been trying out buildtak for a 3D surfaces ‘showdown’ post. I was wondering whether anyone wanted to share their experiences with any 3D printing surfaces with me so that I get a broader opinion of the 3D printing surfaces.


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    Sorry …   I use wolfbite or abs slush.. 😉

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    I love buildtak

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    I have now got some experience with Buildtak. I’m doing my 3D printer surface comparison which should be up soon, so look out for that.

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    cool robbie, thanks. please post it here when its ready.


    everyone else; is it as good as they say? have you found anything better?

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    I used it for a while until I broke my glass trying to get the print of. But I am really looking forward to the new BuildTak with the flexible plate and magnetic mount. Joel Telling talked about it the other day on his youtube channel (3D Printing Nerd) when he spoke to someone at BuildTak 🙂

    Here is his video:


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    cool thanks, i missed that video.

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