Beginners Knowledge about STL file?

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    For 3D printing, the most common file format is Standard Triangle Language (STL). In simple words, your design will be translated into triangles in the 3D space. Most 3D modeling software applications have the option to export your designs to an STL file and set the desired resolution. The following is a visual representation of different file resolutions from extremely high (left) to quite low (right):
    Resolutions that are too low or too high can cause problems while modeling for 3D printing.
    Low-resolution STL file : It’s important to be aware that a poor-quality export will never be able to deliver a good print. Low-resolution means that the triangles in your STL file are big and the surface of your print will not be smooth. Just like digital imaging, lower resolutions leads to a “pixelated” print.
    Very high-resolution STL file : A file with a high resolution will make your file too big adding challenges during printing. As it contains higher level of details, printing will be time-consuming and some 3D printers may not be able to print at all. We suggest your aim to maintain the file size below 15MB before uploading your model to our website.

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