Autism and 3D printing

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    Stan Baldwin

    I’ll be doing a series of conferences vending products that I have 3D printed. These help anyone on the spectrum.

    May 15: Autism Community Store, Denver, CO 10 am – 3 pm

    June 12: Autism Society of America Walk @ Sloan Lake, Denver, CO

    June 19-23: ADA Symposium. Denver, CO

    June 25: Autism Society of America Walk @ America the Beautiful Park, Colorado Springs.

    July 13-16: Autism Society of America National Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana.


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    Stan Baldwin

    Two event so far this year!
    Grand Opening for We Rock The Spectrum Kids Gym,
    Arvada Opening 1/21/17
    Littelton Opening 2/18/17

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    Diana Segura

    I can’t be there but I really wish you the best at those talks and I hope if you can record it or streaming it for us.

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    In general, it could be done directly in a medical institution.

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    Richard Jones

    I missed the events. Is there any events that are going to be held in coming months? I will plan to join there.

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    I have not heard it yet.

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