Autism and 3D printing

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    I’ll be doing a series of conferences vending products that I have 3D printed. These help anyone on the spectrum.

    May 15: Autism Community Store, Denver, CO 10 am – 3 pm

    June 12: Autism Society of America Walk @ Sloan Lake, Denver, CO

    June 19-23: ADA Symposium. Denver, CO

    June 25: Autism Society of America Walk @ America the Beautiful Park, Colorado Springs.

    July 13-16: Autism Society of America National Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana.


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    Two event so far this year!
    Grand Opening for We Rock The Spectrum Kids Gym,
    Arvada Opening 1/21/17
    Littelton Opening 2/18/17

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    I can’t be there but I really wish you the best at those talks and I hope if you can record it or streaming it for us.

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    In general, it could be done directly in a medical institution.

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    I missed the events. Is there any events that are going to be held in coming months? I will plan to join there.

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    I have not heard it yet.

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    3D printed products for autism could be great. This shows how fast the 3D printing technology advances.

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    I imagine it’s things like spinners and other prints that they can fidget with. Not really understanding what else he could be aiming for. But more power to him for bringing more attention to autism! It needs all the resources and minds working on it – it can get!

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