A Creative Breakthrough

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    You know what?
    3D printing used to be something new to me.
    The unknown alaways has a wonderful attraction and a great exploration charm.
    This summer, I came into contact with the first 3D printer in my life. It’s a small desktop printer, delta shape. I really like the small and light design.
    For a beginner, there are all kinds of errors in the initial operation. The funniest part is that I nearly broke my printer by sticking the back of the heatbed sticker up before printing.
    Thanks to my best friend KAY, I won’t make a joke. KAY is a technician in a 3D printer company. I am glad to have such a great frinend.
    Finally, after several hours of printing, I got an apple. The apple is smooth and beautiful. The biggest drawback of this apple is that it can’t be eaten.
    Ha ha, forgive me for being such a foodie.
    I believe I will get more surprises in the future.

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