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    Let’s begin with a smile, this is your space, feel freely to share and participate. Trust in us, we want you to feel the most amazing experience with 3D printing.

    So let me say this:

    Hi, Welcome to 3D printer chat

    Tell us, what kind of project’s are you working right now?

    What kind of problems do you have right now?

    Let me tell you again, Welcome, enjoy all that 3Dprinterchat has to offer.

    See you soon.

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    Ramps 1.4 board is it fried

    Can I fix it.Started the printer the other day no movement of axis in repetier host , then I noticed the bed or the hot end were not warming up.

    Hmmm , then I remembered repetier will not allow you the move the motors until everything has reached temperature.

    So what next

    Switched it all off and start with the power supply – on inspection there was a frayed positive lead and I suspect it must have been touching the negative lead.

    Then I noticed the farmost left input + connection on the ramps was a little burned.

    So now big time investigation.

    So I guess the poly fuses need to rebuild themselves – in the meantime I will remake all of the cables to ensure nothing cannot touch anything it should not.


    More to follow.

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    Here we go again


    Poly fuses seem to have recovered , all cables re-done , applied power – ran up repetier – hot end and bed still not heating up – more investigation required.

    So How to check the motor side ?

    Give the arduino a new sketch to check the motors , done that , reset the arduino and all the motors kick into life.

    So now the problem is the +- on the left hand side that distributes power to D8,D9,D10 – – q1,q2 look fine q3 looks discolored so next job is to test them.

    But’s that is for another day.



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