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    People seem to have a preference for buying cheaper 3D printers from China and then hacking them to improve performance. Just looking for some opinions – is it really worth it over buying from a well known brand? I was thinking about buying a desktop model like a Stratasys Mojo (around £5k in the UK), but you can buy a lot of cheap printers from China for that price 🙂

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    You can buy a lot of cheap printers, work them all out, and then make one of them?

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    I don’t think chinese printers are not good!
    the printers from china can be used properly
    if you want improve it , you can redesign it !
    in this process, you will get much fan
    HE3D K280 delta printer

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    Lesley Green

    you can use 3d printing pen instead of 3d printer. they are cheap in cost
    check here for more information

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