3D Printer Giveaway Entries Failing on Social Media – Blocked for Spam

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    Good Morning,

    While I like the idea of being able to win a free 3D-Printer the site may be taking it a bit too far with all of the social media posts. I tried to use three of the entries this morning and they were blocked by the relevant sites, Pintrest, Twitter, and Facebook because they have been flagged by other users as dangerous or spam.

    Perhaps you should throttle back a bit before what is now a relevant site becomes a spam pariah.


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    None of my posts were blocked, however, the automated ‘bitly’ link shortened posts that went on to Twitter were bad URLs.

    I tend to agree with you though. I was surprised to see Pinterest and G+ added now too.

    The point of the giveaways is to build up promotion for the site though and the crew is working hard on that so it is a tough call.

    But not everyone has to do every single entry either.

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    Hmm I really have to check this out now. I will take the share option away for a couple hours later today to run some tests i think its the bitly links.

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    Yep, I got kicked off of Google+ 3D printers group when I posted there about the contest. Seemed a bit harsh by golly ol’ Peter van der Walt.

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    And I’m not allowed to enter to the FB forum, I have to enter through Google.

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    It just amazing what you can do with a 3D Printer!

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    Is there a giveaway still going on. The widget says the end date is 6/29 but I’m not seeing any actions in here from people trying to win. I hope there is a lot of people in it because it’s an awesome giveaway…I know that might sound strange from someone who’s entered to win but it makes me think the giveaway isn’t active anymore for some reason. I hope I’m just missing the activity and it’s still going on. I would absolutely love to win it! Ive been day dreaming about working with it and spending a long time reading up and entering here. I have learned a lot of new things here so the time hasn’t been wasted.

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    I tried to find a place to post these questions but this is the only one directly talking about the giveaway. Sorry in advance if I’m out of place. But I came to the entry page that has the widget but the widget didn’t remember me this time so that means I need to put my name and email again, I’m afraid that will count as an extra entry that’s not allowed? I’m hoping the guy that’s running the giveaway will see these posts. Does anyone know if I log into the widget it will count as an entry? I’m already logged into the website (it remembered me) I just don’t want to ruin any chance I have at this. Thanks

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