3d printed air vent for car

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    In traditional process: For automotive Industry machining of air vent takes around 3-4 week in soft tooling.
    However, to 3D print these parts without using any fixture and assembling take 2 to 3 days & helps reduce the prototyping cost to 1/10th.

    Air Vent

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    Are you talking about the time it takes to create a mold for injecting molding? I used to work on those machines back in 1998 and it was so time-consuming! Plus the amount of money it takes for the mold is over the top most times! It makes much more sense to 3D print on so many levels.

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    what do you mean by soft tooling? thats so efficient if you can cut a lot of time tho, i saw an opportunity there! but the industrial 3d printing machine are so freakin expensive :s

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