3 in 1 3d printer project!

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    Hi guys interested in manufacturing or customizing your own decoration? Or figurine? Whatever your need is if you are into the customized manufacturing 3 in 1 3D printer is now available (with CNC and laser engraving) come with affordable price! Check this out guys you wont regret 😀


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    Yea that is one NICE set-up! And having 3-in-1 machines is killer!! I think one person in this forum has signed up for it (backed it). I’ve already bought another brand on Kickstarter (Cubibot) so I’m tapped out money wise. But if I DID have the money I would def buy it too!

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      Really? glad to hear that Richard! by the way good choice of the cubibot thats a great printer tho 😀

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