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Hmmm – all very interesting this thinking and designing and research – I have picked up a few little gems especially about the Ramps 1.4 controller board – Lots of different manufacturers each one builds the board slightly differently.

So research has found – not all suppliers put on a two pin header next to diode d1, this header gives you a 12v supply which you can use for powering  say a cooling fan for the ramps , or maybe some leds.

Also the A4988 pololu drivers in which most people put a heatsink on top of are apparently designed for being heatsinked underneath which looks pretty near impossible.

Not all A4988 boards are the same , some will work with ramps 1.4 and some just wont , and also there are fake ones out there too.

Plus if you want to do long prints that say take 24hrs or so then you need to change the 3 voltage regulators.

If I have missed anything I will put an update on.