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I have similar misgivings concerning the hoops we jump through to try and win a printer. I’m not so concerned about the sponsor clicks. I can open them in separate windows out of the way and let them sit there. Many of the repeatable entries ask you to read and comment on content or listen to podcasts, but new content is slow coming. There hasn’t been a new podcast since January, and I have already listened to all of them more than once. New articles come out in spurts, and with articles garnering feedback from just a few readers, there isn’t much to add after your initial thoughts. The forums are very stale and lack any moderation. I have sent numerous messages volunteering my services to help moderate the forums, but I have not received an answer. I try to point out the fake/chatbot posts so they can get deleted or at least lock the threads, but nothing ever happens.

I have been trying to win a 3D printer on this site since last September. It is extremely discouraging to see a winner announced every month that is almost never an actual active member of the community here. I realize that you do not have to join the site to enter, but I have only seen an active user win a printer once. Richard B. one a Tronxy back in November. In December I supposedly won an Amazon gift card. I never received anything and gave up trying to get answers as to where it went. Contests sit idle for months after they close with no winner ever getting announced. I really want to have faith here, but it gets harder and harder each month. I have messaged Håkan Fägnell several times trying to get information, but the only answers I get are in the vein of “can we talk another time” or “I’ll look into it”.

I truly enjoy the content on the site which is why I am still here. However, it is extremely disheartening to see how the site is ran. /end rant