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So we did get a winner announced for the Flashforge Creator Pro. It wasn’t me…. lol

But we still need to know who won the Prusa MK3 and 2nd place in the Endurance Laser giveaway. I wish we could hear something from the admins. I hate sounding like such a negative nancy, but there is such a long delay between contest end dates and winner announcements.

I really do enjoy this site, and the giveaways are an awesome way to increase membership and traffic. But when winners are never announced, it makes things look shady.

There are several sites that all seem to be owned/ran/administered by the same group of folks. Many have articles written by many of the same authors as well. The giveaways on sites like AddGeeks, GoCryptly, and Hacks.Today all have giveaways that seem to also go radio silent after they end. Maybe the site admins are spreading themselves too thin?

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