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I agree with Richard that starting with a Kickstarter project is pretty high risk for a beginner. Even if you receive your product there’s no assurance that they will be there in the coming years or even months if there’s an issue.

I’m newer as well and got my son a Monoprice Maker Select Plus which is a rebranded Wanhao Duplicator i3+ and have had good luck with it after some tweaks. It’s cost effective for a beginner who doesn’t want to construct their own from a kit. If you’re up for a kit then something like a product from Tevo would be good.

If you’re on a very strict budget then I’d start with something like the Tevo Tarantula or Tornado (kits) or Wanhao Duplicator i3 Mini or it’s Monoprice clone. The latter two are small but great entry level units.

I strongly recommend not only looking at the product but at the community behind that product. Do they have a Facebook group or other online forum to ask questions? If they don’t then look elsewhere, as you’ll pretty soon find yourself at a dead end due to a problem you can’t solve.

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