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Hi Richard, glad to meet you!

I’m working for a CAD vendor with a STL repair option (won’t do any advertising here). A major part of my job in the past year was ensuring that

1. STL files load properly into our product,

2. our product repairs them to watertightness/closed topology etc,

3. we don’t break them on export.

Opening one file after another in Meshlab & Co for inspection was very annoying (I’ve got a test set of thousands of STLs here – text/binary, with/without color, and so on). I wrote my STL Viewer at home to speed up the process – go through the files like a photo gallery, dozens per minute.

Some friends and colleagues liked it a lot, so I decided to make a website instead of sending it via E-Mail. Now that I have a website, I can just as well share it with the world.

I see that unknown links are often problematic so you can look for feedback from other users:

There’s a positive reddit thread from last week.
The guys at 3dprintboard love the speed.

My program in specific is often detected as a false positive. That’s because today’s anti virus software uses heuristics: Viruses are very small, and so is my program (portable version < 70 KB), so it could be a virus. Viruses need no other components installed, and neither does my program, so it could be a virus. And so on. I’ve fixed the problems with AVG and G-Data (see here) and I’m awaiting answer from Avast, so warnings from one of these suites can be safely dismissed.

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