Reply To: Forced pointless posts to enter giveaways are bad for the forum.



Granted I would absolutely love to win but I’m staying around if I dont. My documents are full of clips and screensshots and saves from here. And i’m up to my head with 3D printing literature now. I don’t want to stop and besides, I’m in it to far to stop. Setting at my house without something to do started my search for a hobby a year ago and when I looked into 3D printing (more than 5 months ago) I’ve been hooked since! I even had a special savings account for one but I needed a new wheelchair after my frame busted trying to go down cement steps April 20th! Bought a new $2,800 titanium sport frame so that won’t happen again! That cleared my budget out for the next year!…haha. so yea, I’m trying to win! 😉 I love it!