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Going on well over a year since the original post, I’m guessing some problems came up.

I love the idea of a portable printer. Folding is just one way to make that happen, but introduces a whole new set of problems. Any other method to make our carefully aligned and stability hungry printers portable introduces some other design challenge unfortunately. Most attempts to avoid the common pitfalls end up sacrificing any real, usable build volume, as already mentioned.

Sadly, what we’ve seen so far are not really workable because they are plagued by so many setup issues that they aren’t really portable in any sense of ease of use, or they’ve been relegated to being so tiny that they aren’t so much a portable printer as they are a toy or kids printer.

Someday, someone is going to get this right, and probably make a bunch of money. At least for a little while. Then 15 companies in China will copy it for less than half the price and everyone will buy one from eBay/AliExpress and go on to Facebook and gripe about how it doesn’t work 🙂 LOL

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