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Prusa in a box is not a good idea. It’s will need much more room on the Y axis. If you are planning to build an enclosed printer from the start a design like the ultimaker is better Though i suggest skipping the cantilevered bed for a more stable dual stepper design.

I think that you’re talking to use like a Core XY style… To make a printer from scratch, this is actually the best to do… I particularly would suggest to put a place inside the case to put the filament spool and a clear window to check if everything is OK. The filament inside the housing will help to prevent dust on it and will keep it warmer than if it was outside the box… The part for eletronic board and stuff should work better if separated from the place where the heated bed goes, because they work better cold and, if separated, the cooler want cause the warp trouble on your printed parts while printing…

I hope you understand what I mean… If you don’t, just ask and I’ll try to explain better…