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Fashion Meets Technology: 3D Printed Dress Lights Up the Future


In an exciting collaboration, Chromatic 3D Materials, a prominent 3D printing company, joined forces with Dutch fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht to create a truly innovative 3D-printed dress.

This unique garment incorporates LEDs and responds to its surroundings, representing a remarkable fusion of fashion and technology. It’s a glimpse into the future of creative expression and human interaction with cutting-edge tech. Anouk Wipprecht’s groundbreaking design is set to debut at Formnext 2023, displayed at Chromatic 3D Material’s exhibit, Hall 12.1, E110.

An Unconventional Fusion of Fashion and Tech

Imagine a dress that not only makes a bold fashion statement but also interacts with its environment through LEDs. Anouk Wipprecht, a visionary fashion designer, has achieved this feat through a groundbreaking partnership with Chromatic 3D Materials. This motion-activated 3D-printed dress is more than just an outfit; it’s a testament to the possibilities that technology can unlock in the world of fashion.

A Marriage of Electronics and 3D Printing

Anouk Wipprecht’s collaboration with Chromatic 3D Materials showcases how 3D printing technology can seamlessly integrate electronics into fashion. Around 75 flexible LED domes were affixed to the dress, eliminating the need for conventional stitching or adhesives. This achievement isn’t confined to the realm of fashion alone; it opens doors to a wide array of applications, from running apparel, bags, and footwear to automotive, aerospace interiors, outdoor recreational gear, and personal protective equipment.

The Magic of Chromatic Materials

Fahion model posing with the 3d printed dress

What sets this 3D-printed dress apart is the adaptability of Chromatic’s materials. Unlike traditional 3D printed materials, which can lack flexibility and durability, this dress employs ChromaFlow 70, a heat-resistant material that can stretch over four times its length without breaking. Unlike your typical 3D printed materials, this dress employs ChromaFlow 70, a remarkable heat-resistant material that can stretch over four times its original length without a hitch. This means it’s not only stunning, but it’s also incredibly flexible and durable. It’s a game-changer for garments, from sportswear to swimwear, where comfort and durability are paramount. This remarkable flexibility makes it suitable for a diverse range of garments, from leisure apparel and sportswear to swimwear, ensuring comfort, silhouette, and durability.

A Vision Coming to Life

A unique blend of fashion and 3d printing

Cora Leibig, the Founder and CEO of Chromatic 3D Materials, highlights that this collaboration is more than a partnership; it’s a vision coming to life. By uniting Anouk Wipprecht’s creativity with innovative 3D printing, they are setting a new standard for the future of fashion. This union of technology and art has the potential to revolutionize textiles and fashion, ushering in a world of endless possibilities and applications.

Pushing Fashion Boundaries with 3D Printing

This remarkable 3D-printed dress is not the only example of fashion’s fusion with cutting-edge technology. At London Fashion Week, Jayne Pierson showcased her “Ceridwen” collection, seamlessly integrating 3D-printed elements into wearable pieces and emphasizing sustainability. Additionally, premium ice cream brand Magnum partnered with fashion designer Iris van Herpen to create a 3D-printed haute couture dress inspired by their vegan ice cream. These innovations highlight the fashion world’s commitment to pushing boundaries and championing eco-friendliness.


The collaboration between Chromatic 3D Materials and Anouk Wipprecht is a testament to the ever-evolving relationship between fashion and technology. This 3D-printed dress, embedded with LEDs and flexibility, represents a bold step towards the future. As the boundaries of fashion continue to be pushed, we can expect to see more innovative and sustainable creations like these, where style and technology coalesce to redefine the industry. From LED-infused dresses to eco-friendly couture, the world is evolving, and it’s an exciting journey to be a part of. Who knows what’s next?

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