Formlabs Releases New Dental 3D Printing Materials and Partnership with 3Shape

Formlabs, a 3D printing company that helps Dentist all around the world Founded in September 2011, Formlabs is a Somerville, Massachusetts-based company. It is better known for raising nearly $3 million during a Kickstarter campaign and creating the Form 1 and Form 2 3D printers. Most noteworthy, Formlabs has released qualified and ‘accessible’ 3D printing […]

13 Best CAD Programs for Kids

Surprising how many CAD programs there out there right now, right? Most I have never heard of but I trust each one has fervent users that will tell us how well their modeling skills were corresponded by the software, besides how easy (or difficult) would be for a child getting used to. While on the […]

Build Plate Supported 3D Printing

3D printing unique objects with large overhangs and bridges often requires the printing of support materials. Supports break away (hopefully) from your print when it is finished. However, supports add time and material to the print, and can leave the surface of your print rough where it connected with the supports. People who print on […]

Top 6 Unique CAD Programs (2016-2017)

In this list, I have compiled a list of the Top 6 CAD programs that have shined in one way or another. The list is in no particular order, as each program is a gem of its own. I call them “best” by comparing them to other programs at the same price point, and with the […]


Tarjeta SD Vs. Repetier Host

La mejor manera de envíar G-Codes a tu impresora 3D. Nota: Este análisis se basa en mis experiencias con Repetier Host  y el Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2. Otros programas e impresoras pueden funcionar de forma diferente. Sin embargo, no existen grandes diferencias entre las impresoras de presupuesto en este análisis. Hace dos meses tuve un […]

Como imprimir multi materiales con un solo extrusor

La única desventaja de una maquina con una sola boquilla es que sólo se puede imprimir en un solo color o material, ¿o sí puedes? Bueno hay una forma más manual en donde puedes imprimir con 2 colores o incluso  más materiales con una impresora 3D de una sola boquilla. Podemos hacer esto mediante el […]

Slicers: ¿Cuál usar?

Hace unos  estaba rolando en mi timeline de fb y encontré este post acerca de una comparación que se hace entre los software de corte más comunes: Slic3r – Cura – Simplify3D – Craftware – Para evualar estas software de corte, Angus (el hombre en el video) eligío estos temas: Velocidad […]

3D Printer G-CODES – The newbie guide!

How can a 3D Printer G-CODES help me to make better 3D prints? and how to use it? In this tutorial you will learn the most useful commands, and also how to use it! Please, keep in mind that this tutorial designed for Marlin / Repetier firmwares, it is not guaranteed to work with another […]

Marlin a beginners guide

So many times it seems the simplest thing is the most complex and annoying, like a dirt road that you just can’t get to the end of but there is hope a light at the end of the tunnel. Marlin is one of the many flavors of code that is used to run a 3d […]