Build Plate Supported 3D Printing

3D printing unique objects with large overhangs and bridges often requires the printing of support materials. Supports break away (hopefully) from your print when it is finished. However, supports add time and material to the print, and can leave the surface of your print rough where it connected with the supports. People who print on 3DHubs  will want to save…

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{:en}In the current rapidly advancing era of home-based manufacturing, it is a requisite for every one of us to understand the intricacies of 3D printing and adapt our designs in order to get sound prints. Previously in the article Design guidelines for 3D printing – design tips to improve quality of print, we saw some basic guidelines to be followed…

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Smartphone controlling Prusa i3

¿Luchas para controlar tu impresora con este pequeño botón y pantalla LCD de baja resolución? ¿O tal vez estás cansado de esta interfaz de usuario en bloques que ofrece? Te voy a contar un secreto – se puede controlar la impresora desde tu viejo teléfono inteligente con la función OTG (On The Go). Instala la sencilla app y puedes realizar…

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standard tool head

Cuando se trata de filamentos exóticos, los filamentos flexibles tienen un lugar especial en los corazones de muchas impresoras 3D. Estos filamentos de poliuretano termoplástico flexible (TPU) te permiten imprimir en 3D juguetes blandos, llantas para carritos de Radio Control, y otras piezas prácticas. El principal atractivo de los materiales flexibles es la capacidad de imprimir objetos no rígidos. La…

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Conductive mess

{:en}We design something digging into the depths of our imagination, feed into some flashy software and obtain stunning prints. But how much are we aware of what is going on behind these processes? Let’s explore. CAD design As already known, the first step of any 3D printing process begins with designing a part in a computer aided design (CAD) software….

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Como imprimir multi materiales con un solo extrusor

La única desventaja de una maquina con una sola boquilla es que sólo se puede imprimir en un solo color o material, ¿o sí puedes? Bueno hay una forma más manual en donde puedes imprimir con 2 colores o incluso  más materiales con una impresora 3D de una sola boquilla. Podemos hacer esto mediante el ajuste de nuestro G-code para…

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Cómo no ser un novato de 3DHubs

3DHubs es un servicio internacional de impresión que conecta al público a impresoras 3D locales. Es un gran servicio para cualquiera que quiera tener dinero de vuelta después de adquirir una impresora 3D. Pueden poner impresoras en uso cuando ni siquiera las están usando ellos mismos. Si estás comenzando un negocio de impresión en 3D, 3dHubs puede ser una buena…

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3D Printer G-CODES – The newbie guide!

How can a g-code help me to make better 3D prints? and how to use it? In this tutorial you will learn the most useful commands, and also how to use it! Please, keep in mind that this tutorial designed for Marlin / Repetier firmwares, it is not guaranteed to work with another firmware, What is a G-code? G-code (a.k.a…

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How to: Timelapse of 3D Prints

Watching 3D printers print is interesting however they are slow, it is much better if you can see those 1,2,3,4 hour prints in 30 seconds to see how a 3D printer works. In this article I will be explaining each step from camera to rendering the video. You can use just about any camera for this tutorial : DSLR, compact,…

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3D printer Bed Auto-Leveling (A must have!)

What is the bed auto leveling feature? See this video! RepRap Bed Auto Leveling – Alex Borro Now, this is a MUST HAVE for most printers. Had you ever felt tired of having to re-calibrate the endstop on the Z axis? Or tightening the screws on the bed every day? Well, unless you have high-end printer, you probably know what…

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How to Justify a New 3D Printer

Addivist mainfiseto

3D printers are an emerging and exciting technology field. As printers continue to grow, the cost is will continue to plunge, but a decent printer still runs $300 and up. If you have not purchased one yet, you may be looking for reasons to justify your excitement and financial investment. Others around us (family, significant others, friends) are skeptical. They…

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Marlin a beginners guide

So many times it seems the simplest thing is the most complex and annoying, like a dirt road that you just can’t get to the end of but there is hope a light at the end of the tunnel. Marlin is one of the many flavors of code that is used to run a 3d printer. It is an operating…

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