Interior of the 3dprinted hotel

EL Cosmico : The world’s first 3d printed Hotel

One of the strangest attractions in Texas for a long time has been the city’s centre for international art. The Berlin-based artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset’s installation Prada Marfa juxtaposes a mock Prada store with a barren desert landscape and what was once a 21-acre glamping retreat called El Cosmico. El Cosmico is currently being renovated and expanded into a 62-acre hotel complex with a very interesting twist.

The new EL Cosmico, which is scheduled to open in 2024, will be the first 3D-printed hotel in the world. Liz Lambert,

an expert in the hospitality industry, will serve as project manager along with technology company ICON and renowned architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group.

These companies have collaborated on notable projects in the past, such as the well-known LEGO House in Denmark.
Though it won’t be simple, the transformation of a local glamping establishment into one of the most cutting-edge hotels in the world shouldn’t take too long.

A variety of amenities, including an infinity pool,

will be available at El Cosmico Texas when it opens sometime in 2019. The architecture for an outdoor spa and a gathering area was 3D printed by ICON using Vulcan machines.

Depending on how the project turns out, the technology and its future use in commercial construction should be validated.
To help reflect the colours of the surrounding desert landscape,

the lodgings will be in dome-shaped suites made with genuine desert spirit. Each will have windows and skylights with spectacular Davis Mountain views.

In case anyone wants to live in the first 3D-printed hotel permanently, a ton of vacation homes will also be printed and put up for sale.

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