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Crafting Circuit Boards at Home with a 3D Printer: A DIY Approach

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Introduction: The Convenience and Challenges of PCB Fabrication

In recent times, obtaining professionally crafted printed circuit boards (PCBs) has become both accessible and affordable. With quick turnarounds, even the most economical options reach our doorstep within weeks. Yet, there are times when urgency calls for an immediate PCB to test prototypes, avoiding the long wait between design iterations. In such instances, a solution for creating uncomplicated PCBs at home is invaluable. Redditor Malendryn devised an inventive method involving a 3D printer to etch circuit boards, offering an innovative alternative.

A New Spin on a Time-Tested Technique

view of the penholder in position

Before the era of accessible PCB fabrication services, a tried-and-true process was embraced by makers. This approach leaned on chemical etching to remove copper from PCB blanks, leaving traces and pads behind. One variation involved printing a protective mask on paper via a laser printer, followed by transferring toner onto the PCB using a hot iron. The toner served as a mask, shielding desired copper regions from etching chemicals. Malendryn’s approach streamlines this, directly applying the cover onto the PCB blank.

The 3D Printer’s Role: Combining Precision with Innovation

Malendryn ingeniously attached a Sharpie marker to their 3D printer’s tool head with a binder clip and a 3D-printed mount. The printer, functioning akin to a pen plotter, followed a converted image of the PCB in g-code format. The Sharpie then drew the required mask onto the copper surface. This technique significantly reduces the steps

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