Intro to 3D Printing

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Intro to 3D Printing


This course will cover the  basic skills of 3D printing in the classroom or home.


BIGDELTA WASP is a 3D printer designed to print a whole house!
  1. Access to a desktop 3D printer and slicer program.
  2. Stable internet access.
  3. E-mail address that you can use to access online accounts.
  4. Please create an online account in TinkerCAD and Thingiverse .
  5. Ability to open and read pdf, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files.
  6. Metric ruler or digital calipers.
  7. Emeroy board or wet/dry sandpaper, hobby knife, needle nose pliers, oyster knife or 1 inch paint scraper.
  8. You will be responsible for the purchase of filament. PLA filament cost $0.05 to $0.60 per gram. We will use PLA for all 3D prints in this course.


Stan Baldwin is a science teacher and 3D printer. He owns a 3D printing firm, 3D-PT that specializes in printing items for people with disabilities.




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