Exotic Materials

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Once you have gained confidence printing with PLA or ABS, there is a wide range of exotic printing materials that you can print with a desktop 3D printer.

These exotics combine the properties of the material with the printing properties of PLA or PLA/PHA filaments.

If you plan to print large prints or print many items with exotic filaments, you may need to upgrade your printer with a hardened or plated nozzle. Please check your owner’s manual and printer technical support for the details for your specific printer.

Required Materials: Exotic filaments, wet/dry sanding paper or pads, hobby drill and bits, polishing compound. Specific filaments may require special resins, epoxy’s, or solvents to work with them. Check the instructions of your particular brand of filament.

Always check the local building codes and zoning to make sure you can legally work with any industrial chemicals. Always dispose of used solvents as directed.

Optional: Rock tumbler and polishing media. Wood stain. Metal polishing compound. Hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar and table salt (magnetic iron PLA).



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