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ChatGPT powers Authentise’s 3dprinting database

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Authentise, a company that creates software to help engineers and manufacturers, has launched an exciting new product called 3DGPT. It’s like a huge database filled with information about 3D printing and manufacturing.

What’s cool is that they’re offering it to the public for free!

What is Authentise’s 3DGPT?

They unveiled 3DGPT at an event called Manufacturing + Engineering Week in Birmingham, UK.

To make 3DGPT a reality, Authentise received a grant from the UK government’s InnovateUK fund.

They worked with other organizations, like ASTM International and The Welding Institute,

to gather knowledge from over 12,000 journal articles and standards related to 3D printing and manufacturing.

One important aspect they focused on is how 3D printing impacts the environment

, especially compared to traditional manufacturing methods like CNC machining.

They want to make 3D printing more energy-efficient and sustainable.

The grant they received recognizes the potential of 3DGPT to reduce energy consumption and promote 3D printing as a greener way to make things.

This is great news for the UK’s manufacturing industry and shows their commitment to addressing environmental concerns.

The technology behind 3DGPT is pretty amazing. It’s based on a powerful AI system called OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This AI system has billions of parameters and has been trained using a technique called reinforcement learning.

While the idea of accessing something for “free” may make you sceptical, in this case,

it’s more like a public service.

By providing access to this database, Authentise is helping businesses improve their supply chains, keep workers safe, and reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing.

Energy efficiency is crucial for the future of 3D printing. managing energy is a big part of making 3D printing sustainable.

The good news is that the industry is making progress in this area. Authentise’s 3DGPT, along with similar tools, will play a significant role in speeding up this progress.

By gathering a wealth of information, these tools become essential resources for advancing 3D printing and reducing its impact on the environment.


Authentise 3dgpt signup page

In summary, Authentise’s launch of 3DGPT is a big deal for the 3D printing industry.

It’s a free database filled with valuable information,

and thanks to their collaboration with other organizations and the support of the UK government. With a focus on making 3D printing more sustainable and reducing its carbon footprint, 3DGPT has the potential to revolutionize the industry.

By providing this resource for free, Authentise is helping businesses improve their manufacturing processes, protect the environment, and ensure worker safety. It’s an important step towards a future where 3D printing is greener and more environmentally friendly.

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