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Cloud Based

New Cloud-Based 3D Printing Service

A polish based company Zortrax has announced a cloud-based 3D printing service.  Allowing 3D printing to occur remotely from anywhere in the...

3D Printed Guns?

3D Printed guns - controversial words. Are we worried?

Etteplan’s Tool for 3D Print Cost

Etteplan has developed a tool for estimating the cost of a 3D print.  It is free and online for anyone to use. ...
sushi 3d printer

Open meals develops a machine that 3D prints Sushi

Eastern company Open Meals unveiled at the technology fair "South by SouthWest (SXSW)" a 3D printer able to 'extrude' pieces of...

3D Printed AR Headset

There is a new company called CombineReality.  I happened on them through twitter showing a complete build video.  So, what are they...

The Air Force has 3D Printed the First Aircraft Engine Part

To prove that 3D printing can save time and money. A team at Tinker Air Force Base has collaborated in what is the first...
microArch S240

Honey I Shrunk the Print… microArch™ S240

Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), known for its one of a kind Micro Printers has introduced the microArch™ S240, able to go even...

US Air Force Steps Ahead

With military budgets still being slashed, the US Air Force is trying to stay a step ahead.   They are using 3D printing...

Largest Desktop Resin Printer?

Peopoly makers of the Phenom L have announced that they are working to release an even larger resin printer. 
President Trump opens up online access to 3D-printed guns

President Trump opens up online access to 3D-printed guns

Access to cheap 3D printers has opened up the world to many possibilities from making complex components making 3D-printed guns with just a few...
3D Paris at night

Taking a look at ‘Paris 3D by night’ Art Work by Johann Perathoner

Artist Johann Perathoner presents 'Paris 3D by night' French artist Johann Perathoner has unveiled his art work model in...
Falectra electric motorcycle

Falectra, the electric motorcycle prototype made with 3D printed parts

Unveiling Falectra, the 3D printed electric motorcycle prototype His name is Piotr Krzyczkowsk and he has created Poland's first...