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Loveland high school students customizing 3D printers for elementary schools

Loveland High students won $9000 grant to buy 3D printers for elementary schools

Loveland High School particular students of Michael Pintaric’s robotics class wrote an application for a grant totaling $9000 to buy six 3D printers for...

3D Printed Guns apparently involved in recent murder case – Canada

A subject accused of helping an alleged hit man during the murder of a former motorcyclist would have used a 3D printer to make firearms at his home in Terrebonne, Canada.
3D Printed Metal Toothbrush

3D Printed Metal Toothbrush set to launch a new brushing experience

We have come across metal 3D printing making headlines in manufacturing parts for jet engines, space rockets, aircrafts, F1 cars and such. But a...

Anomalisa a movie made with 3D printing.

Anomalissa the 3D printed movie. Personally, I'm a huge fan of movies and i enjoy when a good movie uses good efects and has...

3D Bio Printing: DNA, Organs, Tissues & Nano bots

3D printing physical objects is a remarkable technology all its own. To go from an idea to sold matter in the span of a...
Pneumatique filament

3D printing out of recycled tires material

3D printing gives a new life to used tires Used car tires are among the largest and most problematic...
Audi develops in-house 3D software to expand its 3D printing capabilities

Audi develops in-house 3D software to expand its 3D printing capabilities

Next-generation cars like concept and luxury cars depend heavily on 3D printing for easily making many parts that go into the car. German automobile...

Italian hospital saves Covid-19 patients lives by 3D printing valves for reanimation devices

A case in particular crippled by supply deficiency is valves for reanimation devices. Last week we reported that stock prices for 3D printing companies...

HTC Vive turns into a 3D design platform for virtual reality thanks to MakeVR...

Sixense's New MakeVR 3D design tool for HTC Vive includes Shapeways integration MakeVR app for HTC Vive VR headset was launched this week by Vive...
3D Printing Solution provider Siemens Mobility wins 30-Year Digital Rail Maintenance contract

3D Printing Solution provider Siemens Mobility wins 30-Year Digital Rail Maintenance contract

Siemens has moved on from making phones to rail maintenance. The company, Siemens Mobility, saw the industry as a fruitful space to invest in...
underwater jetpack

Fastest Underwater Jetpack in the world was built with 3D Printed parts

Student at Loughborough University, UK, designed and built what looks like something out of sci fi movie. Using a lot of 3D printed pieces,...
bio printing

Scientists develop a 3Dprinter capable to print human tissues

Printing human tissue A study published yesterday on the British magazine Nature Biotechnology, says that American scientists implemented, with success, living tissues in animals, fabricated...

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