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Anton Månsson

An interview with Anton Månsson of 3D Print – Tech Design

I recently stumbled upon a YouTuber called  3D Print Tech Design  (Anton Månsson). His channel  explains Gcodes, shows how to separate different file formats,...
3D printing medical center

Québec’s provincial government to invest nearly $2.31M in Medical 3D printing center

Medical 3D printing center to be the first of its kind in the Canadian province Québec Industrial Research Center (CRIQ), together with the CHU Québec-Université Laval...
3D printing Accelerators

Top 5 New 3D printing Accelerator programs to which you should apply to grow...

Being an entrepreneur is far from being an easy labor. There are many, many difficulties to face before bringing your idea to the market....
Audi develops in-house 3D software to expand its 3D printing capabilities

Audi develops in-house 3D software to expand its 3D printing capabilities

Next-generation cars like concept and luxury cars depend heavily on 3D printing for easily making many parts that go into the car. German automobile...

Fingerprinting 3D Printers using Commodity Scanners

The University at Buffalo has come up with a way to track prints back to the owner. They call it PrinTracker. They use a...

Chan Lee’s Open-sourced 3D printable prosthetic arm for cycling

Developed by brilliant Industrial designer Chan Lee. 'ZENOS', is an open sourced 3D printable prosthetic arm for amputees who love doing MTB and cycling.

Czinger 21C is a 3D-printed hybrid hypercar from the US

Czinger is an automaker headquartered in Los Angeles with plans to unveil a 3D-printed hybrid hypercar at the 2020 International Motor Show in Geneva. The...
The 3D printed Future Fusion Peak3D sneaker

PEAK launches 3D printed sneakers

3D printing is increasingly popular among footwear manufacturers. Some firms, like New Balance, even go as far as mass production. Recently, PEAK,...
michelin tire system

Michelin unveils its 3D printed Airless and Eco-Friendly Concept tire

Whether as drivers or passengers, we all have faced a pneumatic issue on the road. At least in my city, where tracks are far from being...

e-NABLE sets up Contest for teachers to Win an Ultimaker 2+ for their Classroom

e-NABLE has announced a campaign for classrooms to join their program and win an Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer and eight spools of 3D Universe...
3D prints first metal spare part

Mercedes-Benz 3D Prints First Metal Spare Part For Trucks

Being originated from rapid prototyping applications, 3D printing exhibits itself at different points in the manufacturing supply chain. And one of the latest: Metallic...
Mesmerise technology

3D scanning system to eliminate long passenger lines at airports

University of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) has created a 3D scanning system that allows detecting any foreign object inside or outside the...

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