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water treatment

University to develop 3D printed water treatment for contaminated drinking water

Researches at University of Bath, UK, hope to develop a 3D printed household water treatment (HWT) system for people who don’t have access to...

3 finalists for NASA’s contest about 3D printed houses in other planets

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announces top 3 finalists for 3D printed habitat challenge If you've ever wonder...
Italian hospital saves Covid-19 patients lives by 3D printing valves for reanimation devices

Volkswagen explores using 3D printers to produce ventilators

The world needs all the help it can get to curb the current coronavirus epidemic. German Automaker Volkswagen is doing its own part by...
ZMorph raises $1.2 million in funding ahead of new 3D printer launch

ZMorph raises $1.2 million in funding ahead of new 3D printer launch

Polish Multitool 3D printer manufacturer ZMorph has been able to raise PLN 5 million ($1.2 million) in funding ahead of its new 3D printer model...

East Coast RepRap 2019

It’s almost here, October 12-13, 2019 in Bel Air, Maryland. With the bankruptcy announced earlier this year by the Maker Fair...

Italian hospital saves Covid-19 patients lives by 3D printing valves for reanimation devices

A case in particular crippled by supply deficiency is valves for reanimation devices. Last week we reported that stock prices for 3D printing companies...
guinness record

High-schoolers in Hong Kong set Guinness World Record for biggest 3D printed sculpture display

Lately, a new week also means a new World Record for 3D printing! At least a week ago, 1,236 students from 123 different secondary schools...

Caterpillar Inc. and FIT AG announce 3-year partnership to design and 3D print aluminium...

Caterpillar Inc. and FIT AG just announced their 3-year partnership to design and 3D print aluminum and titanium parts. Heavy manufacturing sector will receive a boost...

5 Quick prints to set the mood for halloween

Let's bring the Halloween spirit with some fun prints you still have time to do. So it's 10 days to Halloween. This is the time...

PassivDom is now taking pre-orders for totally Autonomous 3D Printed Houses (Photo Gallery)

3D printed homes from PassivDom are now available on demand for customers in the Ukraine and the US. PassivDom is an Ukrainian technological startup “Passive...
HP Jet Fusion -

HP Prоmіѕеs Mеtаl 3D Printing Tесhnоlоgу Annоunсеmеnt іn 2018

HP іѕ a hugе company; wеll-rеgаrdеd in the PC, notebook, and printing industries wіth over $48bn іn rеvеnuе lаѕt year. Rесеntlу, HP hаvе еxраndеd...

Lloyd’s Register and TWI Update Global Additive Manufacturing Certification Framework

The framework update aims to support industrial “safe adoption” of metal 3D Printing by promoting certification of parts. 2017 additive manufacturing certification framework was titled...

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