3D Printing

The manufacturing of a 3D printed object is normally achieved using additive processes. What is an Additive process? Well It´s A process where an object is created by laying down layer by layers of material until the object is fully created. Each of these layers can be seen as a very thinly sliced horizontal cross section of the object.

lamborghini aventador replica

Family 3D prints a Sports car inspired by Lamborghini Aventador

Sterling Backus, American physicist, is together with his son, and for more than a year, printing in 3D a supercar full-size inspired...

3 Types of People I Hate in the 3D Printing Community

Okay, first to explain what I mean with the term "3D Printing Fad", because it has created a lot of confusion within many of...

The best Free software for 3d printing and modeling 2018

What free software can I get? "Can I get X free software?" I Either see this asked or get asked this on an almost daily...
3D Printing groups on facebook

3D Printing Groups on Facebook – Q1 2017

Biggest 3DPrinting Groups on Facebook Heres a list of 3D Printing Groups on Facebook and the amount of users each one has. If we missed...
Dual extruder

Unboxing the Lulzbot Dual Extruder Tool Head

In a previous blog I wrote about my trip to the Lulzbot factory in Loveland, CO. While I was there I decided to upgrade...

3D Printing Is Not Dying, Calm Down

Relax John Brandon, 3D Printing is in no decline, as you argue it is. You just have to check your facts and claims before making such a bold statement.
3D missile

3D Printed Ammunition

3d printed ammo With the possibility of 3D printed guns, 3D printed ammo is a unique possibility in the world. Along with innovative 3D gun...
Bentley Motors integrates 3D Printing technology into future car designs

Bentley Motors integrates 3D Printing technology into future car designs

3D printing technologies are being integrated into processes for designs and manufacturing for Bentley Motors. These technologies greatly simplify the making of complex components...
Relativity Space CEO Tim Ellis to give a talk about the future of 3D-printed rockets

Relativity Space CEO Tim Ellis to give a talk about the future of 3D-printed...

Elon Musk has done a good job of making the launch industry a feasible start-up idea for individuals rather than countries to create companies...

3D Printing And Makers Can Fix Everything

One month ago, a friend of mine managed to break my high-end headphones, which were supposedly unbreakable. As a Maker, I tried to fix...

Lithophane Night Light: Make Your Own Night Light!

Hopefully, you are familiar with lithophanes. If you aren't, be sure to check out my other 3d lithophane article. In...
Jaguar Land Rover 3d printed glove

3D printed glove to protect workers in the automotive industry

Jaguar Land Rover create lightweight 3D printed glove to protect workers from musculoskeletal disorders. Jaguar Land Rover engineers are...