Ultimaker 2 / 2+ One Modification That Addresses Several Issues!

Olsson Nozzle vs Kamo Nozzle

Ultimaker 2 / 2+ One Modification That Addresses Several Issues! How:   If you have a Olsson Block already on your Ultimaker 2 or 2+ all you need is a new nozzle! I stumbled on this modification for the Ultimaker 2 / 2+ by chance that proved to reduce many issues! This modification will require that your printer is using…

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Expanding your skills and getting more out of your 3d Printer. Part 1

3d Printing as a hobby is great. With so many 3D Printers available these days just about anyone can get one. Maybe you bought yours to expand a hobby, add to your business or just wanted to play around with this new tech. They have become a large part of how we design and build things. So It’s good to…

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The Ultimaker 2 3D Printer

Ultimaker 2

The Ultimaker 2 3D Printer Having a 3D printer can open up a whole new world of faster customization that is quite close to home. With the Ultimaker 2, you can have fun personalizing the objects in your life. Intended for both the skilled user as well as the beginner, the Ultimaker 2 is simple to interface with and nicely…

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Big 3D Printers

Big 3D Printers So a lot of people look for a 3D printer with a big build area, so I’ve collected some of the biggest and greatest in a list of pros and cons. Feel free to suggest your recommendations in the comments and I’ll add them. gMax 3D Printer So lets start with the gMax, there are two versions:…

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