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Boosting 3D Print Strength

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3D printers are amazing tools that can create intricate objects layer by layer. They can work wonders with single-piece prints, but did you know that multi-part printing can lead to even stronger results? In this article, we’ll explore how dividing a 3D print into multiple pieces can significantly enhance its mechanical strength.

Understanding the Strength of 3D Prints:

When it comes to filament-based 3D printing, the parts are typically strongest along their X-Y axis (relative to their manufacture) and weaker in the Z direction. This inherent strength characteristic presents an opportunity to optimize print strength by splitting parts strategically.

The Concept Behind Multi-Part Printing:
The brilliant idea, brought to us by [Peter] at Markforged, involves breaking down a 3D print into pieces with mechanical strength in mind, rather than merely to accommodate the print bed’s size or complex geometry. By doing so, we can print each piece in its optimal orientation, effectively boosting the overall strength of the combined part.

Enhancing Strength with a Simple Example:
Let’s take a look at a straightforward part as an example. Typically, we would print it flat on the print bed, but by dividing it into two parts and printing each in its strongest orientation, we can achieve a nearly twofold increase in its resistance to force before failure.

Applicability to Various Filaments:

we'll explore an innovative approach to enhance the strength of 3D print parts by strategically dividing them into multiple pieces and printing them in optimal orientations.

[Peter]’s demonstrations primarily use Markforged’s filaments, but the same principles apply to other common polymers used in 3D printing. So whether you’re using PLA, ABS, PETG, or any other filament, this technique can be beneficial for maximizing your print’s strength.

Keep It Simple and Strong:
The beauty of this approach lies in its simplicity. Instead of resorting to more complex methods to reinforce prints, like embedding braided steel cables, fibreglass mesh, or applying electroplating, multi-part printing offers a straightforward and effective way to achieve better mechanical properties.

Conclusion:optimise your 3d print strength

Next time you’re looking to optimize the strength of your 3D prints, consider the power of multi-part printing. By intelligently dividing your prints and leveraging the inherent strength characteristics of filament-based printing, you can create parts that are significantly stronger and more durable. So go ahead and unleash the full potential of your 3D printer with this easy-to-implement technique!

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