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Bentley’s high-end Mulliner Batur uses solid gold that was 3D printed.

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For the first time,

according to industry experts, 3D-printed solid gold has been used in Bentley Motors’ high-end Mulliner Batur.

The coach-built coupe,

the fastest Bentley in its 103-year history will receive up to 210 grams of 18ct yellow gold thanks to additive manufacturing.
There are only 18 W12-powered Baturs available,

and all of them have already been sold to Mulliner clients for £1.65 million each (excluding taxes and options). Key driver touchpoints,

like the Charisma Dial that surrounds the start/stop button and is used to switch driver modes,

are included in the optional, 3D-printed gold features.

The dial is the focal point of an exquisite cabin and matches the front grille design of the Batur.

The renowned Organ Stop vent controls on the dashboard and an inserted marker on the steering wheel are both covered in gold.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

To create the distinctive Batur parts, Bentley Mulliner collaborated with renowned goldsmiths Cooksongold.


a company that is a part of the Heirmerle + Meule Group, has its headquarters in Birmingham, England’s famed Jewellery Quarter, where jewellery has been created for centuries.

The unique partnership demonstrates Bentley’s capacity to integrate cutting-edge manufacturing technologies with more conventional materials and finishing methods.
All of the gold used in 3D printing is upcycled and is entirely recycled from old jewellery.

Recycling makes sure that the extraction of new precious metals has no negative environmental effects. Additionally,

it demonstrates Bentley’s dedication to a more sustainable future and is consistent with the company’s Beyond100 strategy,

which calls for carbon neutrality across the board by 2030.
Before printing with laser melting printers, each 3D-printed gold component for the Batur is digitally designed using CAD models.

After that, each is hand-finished by experienced artisan jewellers using time-honoured methods to achieve the polish and quality that are emblematic of Bentley.

All components made for the Batur are stamped with a solid material authenticity seal in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

To commemorate the late Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee year,

the Jubilee hallmark will also be applied to any parts produced in 2022.
Bentley pledged an additional £3 million in funding in February to expand AM production at the Crewe factory.

Future applications will enable more bespoke customer personalization and low-volume manufacturing components, including the ground-breaking use of 3D-printed gold in a variety of next-generation models.

Cost-effective alternative

Batur’s innovative use of luxury metal during the design and development process is proof that Bentley’s approach to additive manufacturing is among the best in the business.

According to Dr Matthias Rabe,

a member of the board for research and development at Bentley Motors,

one of the main advantages is that it is efficiency-driven,

reducing the cost and complexity of a variety of jobs while maintaining the value of a scarce resource.

“We see enormous potential in cutting-edge, cutting-edge technologies as Bentley embraces an exciting future.

Processes like 3D printing gold will serve as a launchpad to give our customers even more customization options,

enhancing the individualization program available on every car.

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