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BCN3D releases the New Omega 160 industrial printer

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Spanish 3D printer manufacturer BCN3D has introduced their latest innovation, the BCN3D Omega I60 industrial FFF 3D printer. This all-in-one printer is designed to cater to the production of large and robust prototypes, as well as end-use parts, particularly tooling, jigs, and fixtures. Featuring an upgraded version of BCN3D’s Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) technology, the Omega I60 boasts a generous 3D print volume, a high-temperature heat chamber, and a direct-drive high-speed extruder, enabling fast 3D print speeds.

BCN3D has also unveiled a material portfolio specially curated for the Omega I60. These custom formulations are carefully selected to cater to specific industries and applications.

The BCN3D Omega I60’s main features

The launch of the Omega I60 took place on June 14th during a live stream event at BCN3D’s headquarters in Barcelona, coinciding with the company’s 11th anniversary.

Since their debut in 2015 with the BCN3D Sigma, BCN3D has successfully distributed over 10,000 3D printers globally, available at more than 100 points of sale. Esteemed customers such as Nissan, Saint Gobain, and Prodrive have recognized the value of BCN3D’s offerings in their respective industries.

A standout feature of the Omega I60 is its upgraded IDEX technology,

which allows for simultaneous 3D printing with two independent tool heads. This system significantly boosts productivity, facilitating the production of parts with support while minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

The improved IDEX system in the Omega I60 ensures that the X motors remain stationary during printing, resulting in faster print speeds by reducing inertia.

BCN3D has enhanced the motion architecture of the Omega I60 with their HAQ-XY Kinematics. By using an improved pulley system, this enhanced kinematic system successfully reduces torsional moments along the X-axis.
This enhancement eliminates potential deformations, enhancing the overall quality of the printed parts.

The extrusion system of the Omega I60 is described as “industry-leading.” It features 1.75mm direct-drive Bondtech LGX Pro extruders, providing precise control. The inclusion of reliable and easily interchangeable custom E3D Revo hot-ends further enhances the printer’s performance.

With a maximum print speed of 300 mm/s and acceleration of up to 10 m/s²,

the Omega I60 stands as one of the fastest 3D printers on the market,

especially notable for incorporating IDEX technology.

Specifications and pricing

As an industrial-scale 3D printer optimized for large-scale parts, the Omega I60 offers an impressive build volume of 450 x 300 x 450mm (60 litres). It is perfect for printing with engineering-grade polymers including ASA, PA, ABS, and reinforced PA since its active heated build chamber can reach temperatures of up to 70°C.
The controlled temperature within the chamber minimizes internal stresses, preventing issues like cracking and warping. BCN3D’s Material Operations System (MOS) further enhances control by allowing users to regulate humidity and temperature, facilitating the recovery of compromised material and preheating filaments.

Additional features of the Omega I60 include XYZ autocalibration for guaranteed first-layer adhesion, a built-in camera for monitoring print progress,

a flexible build plate, an uninterruptible power supply for secure printing, a barcode sensor for spool and component recognition, a 7″ capacitive touch screen for intuitive operation, and an andon light.

Safety features like a HEPA and Carbon filter, Filament Runout Sensor (FRS),

Safety Pause function and emergency stop button prioritize user safety. The printer also offers WiFi and Ethernet connectivity for seamless integration into existing workflows.

BCN3D’s material portfolio for the Omega I60 covers various verticals, including tooling,

jigs and fixtures, short-run production, masking, large prototyping, production line replacements, and end-use parts. Materials such as Omega Impact ASA,

Omega Resistant Nylon, Omega Tooling CF, and Omega Support are available,

and the printer supports open filament systems, enabling the use of filaments not provided by BCN3D.

The BCN3D Omega I60 starts at €19,995 (USD 21,995) and is expected to begin shipping on September 15th, 2023.


In summary, the BCN3D Omega I60 combines advanced features like IDEX technology,

upgraded motion architecture, and a high-speed extrusion system to provide industrial-grade 3D printing capabilities.

With its large build volume, high-temperature heat chamber,

and comprehensive material portfolio, this printer is poised to meet the demands of various industries seeking reliable and efficient additive manufacturing solutions.

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