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Bambu Lab Cloud Service Outages and Their Unexpected Consequences

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In a recent turn of events,

Bambu Lab’s cloud services encountered a hiccup that caused a unique and surprising outcome for users of their 3D printers.

This article delves into the incidents, explores the causes, and examines the aftermath of these outages, shedding light on the implications for 3D printing enthusiasts.

Unplanned Printing Frenzy: Bambu Lab Cloud Service Outages

On Monday, August 15th, Bambu Lab,

A prominent player in the 3D printing realm, faced an unexpected glitch in its cloud services.

During two separate periods between 10:03–11:10 and 12:11–12:23 UTC,

users encountered difficulties initiating print jobs through Bambu Studio, the company’s proprietary slicing software. After these outages, a perplexing phenomenon unfolded, leaving users puzzled and printers unexpectedly producing objects.

The Curious Case of ‘Job Jamming’: What Happened?
As reports started to pour in, it became clear that something unusual was afoot. Users shared experiences of their 3D printers springing to life without any prompt, resulting in unexpected prints.

Bambu Lab acknowledged the issue and introduced the term ‘job jamming’ to describe the problem. The company’s cloud service was not receiving confirmation of print job receipt, leading to repeated attempts to initiate the job.

This peculiar chain of events ultimately led to completed prints being produced even though the cloud service believed they had not been executed.

Questions Raised: Failsafe Measures and Connectivity Concerns
The incident raised questions among users about the effectiveness of failsafe measures within 3D printers. Some questioned why safeguards like auto bed leveling and collision detection didn’t prevent the unintended print jobs.

This episode highlighted the broader issue of cloud connectivity concerns

that has been a topic of criticism regarding Bambu Lab 3D printers.

Bambu Lab’s Response and Pledge to Address the Issue

In response to the unexpected outcomes, Bambu Lab took responsibility for the glitch and vowed to uncover its root cause. The company expressed its commitment to assist users who faced damage due to the incident. Additionally, Bambu Lab revealed plans to enhance LAN Mode, indicating a potential shift away from cloud-centric processes

Path to Resolution: Updates and Future Measures

An update from Bambu Lab provided a comprehensive overview of the error and the steps taken to prevent similar occurrences in the future. The company announced that additional safety measures would be incorporated into future updates, including technologies like lidar for part detection and more robust cloud printing logic. Of particular interest is the planned improvement to LAN mode, which will introduce features like file management and user certificate authentication for shared networks.


The recent series of incidents involving Bambu Lab’s cloud services and its unintended consequences have brought to the forefront the intricate relationship between cloud connectivity and 3D printing processes. While mishaps can be frustrating, they also serve as catalysts for growth and improvement. Bambu Lab’s commitment to resolving the issue and enhancing its systems demonstrates its dedication to providing users with a more reliable and secure 3D printing experience. As the company forges ahead, it will be interesting to witness how these developments shape the landscape of 3D printing technology.

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